A commitment to education and children for parents’ homeschool enrichment.

HRC is a pioneering not-for-profit organization merging creative learning experiences with education and functionality to offer parental resources and support within the faith-filled, homeschooling community for childhood excellence.

A passion for the learning experience.

Our diverse range of instructors gear children and youth for success in learning, while creating space for parents to gather resources too. Some of our Classes…

Spanish Grammar

Beginning or Continuing, language grammar is an essential creating confidence and scope in communication.

Literature /Storytime

Experiencing language arts and filling the imagination via words, connecting thought and emotion through story, poetry, reading and listening.

Time for the little ones to use their imagination & also learn to love the value of reading

Fiber Arts /Arts & Crafts

Experience the fusion of imagination and technique in a hands on environment.

Creative outlets fuel the imagination which in turn fuels critical thinking skills.

Faith & Culture

Discover the side-by side nature of faith and culture to enhance your confidence in every day life.

Speech / Debate

Practising the art of the spoken word enhances articulate thinking and personal confidence.


Movement and music provides method for physical fitness and expressive outlet while enhancing ability to master sequencing, counting and multi-tasking.

The Homeschool Resource Center Vision

Created & Founded by Janet Culloton, having spent many years homeschooling her nine children, envisions an accessible, enriching learning environment nurturing mind, body and spirit to serve parents as they gather resources for their own homeschool journey while engaging children and youth with examples and styles that can be implemented or supplemental to their individual homeschool curriculum.

All Children Can Succeed

  • via collaborative efforts
  • a variety of learning styles
  • building confidence

Communication is Key

  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Variety is the Spice of Life
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Sharing the joy of learning is our greatest privilege

Ms. Jenny