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HRC meets on Fridays – a morning and afternoon segment with currently a bi-weekly schedule plan offering a variety of lessons and specialties.

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HRC is fully incorporated & in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) organization

Mission Statement

Homeschool Resource Center 2023

The Homeschool Resource Center (HRC) intends to welcome all Christian homeschoooling families, providing a multitude of services for parents and students of all ages.

The HRC is first and foremost a Christian organization, formed and maintained by God’s grace, prayer, and the volunteers who teach and help in a variety of capacities.  Our aim is to do all things in Christ and according to his will, raising children and families toward salvation.

The HRC mission focuses particularly on low-income, immigrant, bilingual and bicultural families with school-age children, and those families just beginning their homeschooling journey.

HRC aims to remain without fees, so families of all income levels, ethnicities, and backgrounds can utilize its parental, academic, and material resources. 

Academic and Fine Arts classes offered at no charge at HRC change from semester to semester but are always offered as a buffet-stlyle sample of what homeschooling families can bring into their own home schools.

Volunteer teachers are experienced and well-qualified, so as parents sit in on classes, they can take note of teaching techniques and strategies. 

HRC intentionally provides classes that are more easily done in larger groups (such as Speech & Debate), are more difficult to prepare for in individual homes (science labs) or require specialized knowledge (art and dance).

Parents remain on HRC grounds along with their children for the duration of their participation.  HRC is NOT intended to be a school in and of itself, but a resource for additional subjects that can be taken in conjunction with any homeschool curricula.  Participation in HRC classes can be used for enrichment purposes and/or can be fully transcriptable on individual family’s homeschool records. 

Parents may accompany their children to classes, such as art or science lab, or attend classes taught specifically for adults, such as Faith & Finance or Homeschool 101 classes, led by experienced homeschoolers in order that homeschooling veterans can share advice, wisdom, and encouragement with others.

HRC has a resource library, available to all participants.  This is a resource library with science, math, spelling, vocabulary, history, foreign language and geography textbooks; lab equipment, math manipulatives, and educational games; and many bibles, bible commentaries, and parental support books, along with how-to books on homeschooling.

Janet Culloton

Hi there and Welcome! We are so excited to have formed our not-for-profit organization and look forward to sharing further updates.

Founder Janet Culloton

A little background:

As an experienced homeschool educator of her nine children and others, and, firmly believing in finding the successful avenue of learning for each child, Janet spoke with St. Mary’s Church, West Chicago, IL., about the possibility of using some of the old elementary school space for a morning ministry to provide a source of learning for local homeschooling families, while providing hands-on experience for those within her own homeschool academy. After the first Fall session numbers increased dramatically for a Spring session and now, in year two, Fall of 2023 saw numbers more than doubling. Realizing a need within the community was being met, steps were taken to expand and formalize The Homeschool Resource Center to support parents either experienced in, or just starting their own homeschool journey.

Statement of Purpose:

Statement of Purpose

Homeschool Resource Center 2023

The purpose of the Homeschool Resource Center (HRC), a not-for-profit organization, is to fully prepare parents to teach their own children, in their own homes, all subjects that are taught in traditional schools.  All homeschooling families aim to meet state academic requirements, so the HRC will help families figure out how to accomplish this in their own individual home schools.

Founder Janet Culloton