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HRC meets on Fridays – a morning and afternoon segment with currently a bi-weekly schedule plan offering a variety of lessons and specialties.

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  • Check in at the lobby desk
  • Complete a Waiver
  • Receive a name badge


  • Wear your name badges
  • Parents stay on premises
  • Follow the 3 ‘R’s: rules, respect, reverence

The Homeschool Resource Center

Meets on Fridays at St. Mary’s Church school on Garden St, West Chicago IL. All members of the local homeschooling community are welcome – all ages too, as we offer storytime for our little friends and some classes/activities for the pre-schooler through middle schooler…as well as support and research opportunities for parents…but families should first sign-up and complete waivers or at least arrive with time and expectancy to attend these matters and wear a name badge while at the center. Regular attendance is not mandatory but consistency is encouraged, as well as a respectful, faith-filled spirit of kindness and curiousity.

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Celebrating Childhood & Ongoing Learning

Consider contributing to educational support and celebrating student experience and achievement by becoming a volunteer.

There are many roles in addition to teaching, that are vital to the well-being and success of each HRC participant.

Please consider signing up or reaching out with any questions.

Meet our team

Our kind and talented team are eager to share their talents in a respectul, nurturing and supportive environment.

Janet Culloton

Founder, Chairman

Deborah Gottlieb


Holly Aramburu

Tracy Adams


Dan Culloton

Ana Hernandez